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Evo-Lite Radiant Panels

Dunham-Bush Evo-Lite radiant panels comprise aluminium alloy sheet finished in durable coating with an extruded aluminium channel bonded to the upper surface. Copper tube (which transports the heating medium) is mechanically located inside the extruded channel with special spring clips. Optional accessories for hanging are supplied loose.

The main element comprises an aluminium sheet panel bonded to an extruded aluminium profile for locating copper tube. LTHW or MTHW carried in the copper tube gives up its heat which is radiated from the aluminium sheet. Insulation is fitted to the upper side of the panel to prevent heat losses from the rear of the panel - the insulation is 50mm thick mineral wool, fully-encapsulated in aluminium foil, factory fitted and rated as a class 0 material.

Evo-Lite typically weighs 9.8kg/m² - it is extremely lightweight and easy to handle and install. Installation can be completed without the need for specialist tools or training. These radiant panels are designed for a wide range of applications, in particular hospitals, school classrooms, assembly halls, residential care homes and offices.

Style CG (Ceiling Grid) panels can be fitted into a suspended ceiling system with 600mm grid, positioned in place of ceiling tiles. Alternatively, style CS (Ceiling Surface) panels can be fixed directly onto the underside of a ceiling slab or soffit.

These Radiant Heating Panels can also be mounted vertically onto a wall surface. Style WS (Wall Surface) is used which results in higher heat outputs. Any installation angle is possible. Evo-Lite can be fitted to sloping surfaces, with the panel axis lying in any direction - manual vents are fitted to the highest point in the pipe circuit.

Evo-Lite Radiant Panels Literature

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