Dunham-Bush, Radiant Panels

Dunham Strip

Dunham-Bush Radiant Strip is particularly suitable for heating large, open, industrial buildings. Applications which usually fall within these parameters are, aircraft hangers, railway locomotive maintenance buildings, bus garages and many types of medium and light factory buildings.

The proper applications of Dunham Bush radiant panels achieves these optimum conditions, producing a feeling of warmth and comfort at a lower air temperature, which due to the higher natural moisture content, creates a fresh rather than stuffy environment.

Medium and high temperature pumped hot water are ideal heating media, low temperature hot water is also suitable but due to the increased quantity of Dunham Strip required, compared to that of medium and high temperature systems, it is usually considered to be an uneconomical solution.

Steam may also be used as the heating medium, but due to a lack of control and the complications of grading and trapping long runs, it is seldom utilised unless there are compensating reasons.

Dunham Strip Technical Literature